Monday, August 13, 2012

Gordon speaks
Oor Gordon tells it as it is
and in one go destroys all
the snp lies

The danger of breaking up what he called "fiscal union", was
 he said, that in Scotland "you will either have to cut public 
expenditure enormously, beyond what is already being done, 
or you are going to have tax Scottish people more.

" Fiscal autonomy means more taxes in Scotland."

 snp msp pete pishhard


Peter Wishart, MP for Perth and North Perthshire, said: 
"We all know what the independence referendum will be fought over. 
We all know what the issues are: the economy, 
do we want things like
 Trident, having weapons of mass destruction... I don't think
 I have every had anyone say, in all the door-knocking I've done t
his summer, that 'the thing which is important to me 
when I vote on independence is the Olympic games in London'."

SNP MP Pete Wishart said: "

SNP MP Pete Wishart said: "This is clear evidence that the puerile efforts of the anti-independence parties to politicise the Games have backfired.
"I've been delighted to support Scotland's Olympians and Team GB during the London Games, and will be delighted to support Team Scotland at the 2014 Commonwealth Games, and at the Olympics following a Yes vote in 2014.
Pete  pishhard two faced lying scum
proper snp Nationalist 


  1. Not quite sure how he comes by that decision.

    Oh yeah, I remember, he's a complete nut job that thought he could end boom and bust... and ended up with a double dip recession and a trip to bankruptcy.

    As mad as march hare that one.

    Has bhe not read all the reports from every respected financial body in the world that suggests that we would be the 6th, 7th or 8th richest country in the world (per capita)?

    Has he not been to Norway, Denmark, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg, Iceland, Greenland, Sweden, Finland, or any other small country?

    Has he forgotten the bloody mess that Britain is in. Massive cuts and more coming. No improvement before 2020 (and that's politicians' best guess, so you can say 2030).

    Sorry Gordo, economically you are a busted flush, not to mention a crazed lunatic. I wouldn't trust you to put on my lottery ticket.

    Dick head.

    Still, the BBC won't carry his mad rantings. They are completely owned by the SNP according to another loonie from Labour...

    God help us.

  2. Gordon fecking Brown? Ye're havin a giraffe!

    Watch out Mr Niko, his bill for the quote will be in the post already -

  3. tris

    Arc of prosperity anyone
    um um um thats the sound of gagged Nationalist daring to mention it.

    Gordon saved the world dont you know

    Barney err you sound familar

  4. Familiar? Interesting word.

    Arc of prosperity - Latest annual growth figures (2012 Q1 vs 2011 Q1) Ireland +1.4, Norway +4.1, Iceland +4.2, UK -0.2 (UKQ2 is -0.8).

    The only thing Brown should save is his breath.

    Did you see Alf Morris died on Sunday? Now there was a true Labour man. A committed Socialist who cared more for the disadvantaged of our society than he did for himself. It used to be people like Alf who made up the Labour Party, not the right wing, neo-liberal, public school twats they have now.

  5. Yea Barney, you beat me to pointing out that the arc of prosperity may have had a little blip, but is now back to growing in a way that I cannot imagine the UK doing for 20 years. Although Scotland probably could join them, if it were not shackled to the UK

    I think in fact that it is people like that fool Gray and the other idiot Murphy who should gag a little when the 'arc' is mentioned.

    Have you noticed too that that the idiot Osborne has been blaming the Euro-zone for all the UK's trouble, but the two big economies in the € are doing better than the UK?

    Alf Morris was indeed a socialist. There aren't many left now, unfortunately. And yes, we are left with people like Blair and Darling, the Milibands and Harman, none of whom know what a poor person looks like, never mind want to help them. Champagne socialists (oh sorry, can't use that word; it might upset the SE of England!)

    You know I'm right Niko, don't you.