Friday, August 10, 2012

I Am been thinking!

In 1989 we saw the Fall of Communism
in 2008 we saw the fall of  Capitalism  

a collapse we are still experiencing
the partys of the Capitalists The 
conservatives   are  losing its electoral
appeal  as its strategy fails dismally 
time and time again.

The Labour  moment is arising
once again the return to power

Father would say.

The Capitalists first team has failed
now the Capitalists will bring in their
second eleven
 The Labour Party

 To save the Capitalist day

The idea that people elect
Governments and partys
they choose was to Father  
A very innocent way of
understanding the world
and the way it works

Father was in this dead right!


  1. I say Mr Davidson should be their spokesman on everything. He has so much....appeal.

  2. I think real capitalism fell before 2008. It's just that we started noticing it more then with banks that should have been allowed to fail being propped up more prominently. They were struggling and being quietly bailed out in the US long before 2008. And of course our history is full of similar bail outs going back decades. Wasn't the attempt to stay in the ERM by throwing away billions propping up sterling in the late 80's a corruption of the capitalist system ?
    Thanks for adding me to your blog list. Will add you to mine.