Wednesday, March 20, 2013

You said you loved me
You said you cared
You said you would always be there
Now I need you
I need you everyday
But all of a sudden you went away
You left me here all alone
Wondering around
You never came home
I loved you so very much
Till that day that you left
Knowing you never meant what you said
Now it's time I go to bed
Go to bed and cry to sleep
For your the one who should weep
You promised me you would always stay
But all of a sudden you went away
Days seem shorter
Nights seem longer
Time for me to finally wander
Missing you all the time
I wish that you had never gone
I want you near me everyday
But all of a sudden you went away


  1. Not much to say Niko... sorry you're hurting.

  2. tris

    me too


    thought you might..............I brought it on myself

  3. Respect Niko, you have mine.... for your principles

  4. Niko, pal, look ahead and not back!

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  7. Fine tribute to Maggie there, Niko!