Monday, April 8, 2013

Margaret Hilda Thatcher, Baroness Thatcher,
 LG, OM, PC, FRS, née Roberts 
(13 October 1925 – 8 April 2013)

Has Died





  1. SIR mark probably cares. He'll be coming into a pile of cash... and just think of all her stuff he can sell at premium rates.

    He'll be able to fund another few coups d'etats... and with a bit of luck he'll be able to afford another Paris-Dakar rally and get lost....again.

  2. Oh and the Savoy hotel or the Ritz, or where ever she has been staying will lose a good paying customer, and a bloody load of money on the bar!

  3. That will save us half a million per year on expenses plus plus.... the only good thing she has done all of her political life.

  4. Niko,

    Did Thatcher not say that NewLabour was her greatest achievement and probably your greatest disappointment?

  5. She certainly created a world in England at least, where Labour would never again win an election as it was.

    She forced it to change, by decimating trades unions, closing industries and coercing much to the working classes to become property owners.

    It must have all seemed a really good idea if you were English and from the south.

    Blair and Mandelson and their colleagues did what, I suppose was the only sensible thing. They moved with the times in the area where most of the votes resided.

    In doing so they deserted the North of England, and much of Wales and Scotland.

    There are so many things that woman is responsible for.

    Watch out for her last service to the Tories. She has given Osborne and Cameron, not to mention Duncan-Smith a wonderful week to bury bad news.

  6. brownlie

    you cynic you


    well the people can choose cant they
    one guy at work was nearly in tears

    'I dont wanna talk politics with you'
    I says

    'Nah! i can see that shame it wasnt Labour
    that finished her off it was the Tory'

    he says louder

    I dont wanna talk politics with you'

  7. LOL... and that's the laugh about her.

    It was the Tories that finished her off. Ken Clarke (OK, he's only JUST a Tory), but he was the one who had the guts to tell her to GO.

    The rest of them, a pile of lily livered wimps if ever there was one, plastered about telling her how wonderful she was... but, and Ken just told her the truth. You don't have a chance. Go now before you are totally humiliated.

    They stabbed her in the back you know.

    I'm a big fan of political biographies. I've read all sorts from Mandelsons to Alan Clarke's diaries, and I tried her first book. Jeeeeeeez, by page 50 I was about vomiting. She was right about EVERYTHING. EVERYONE else who disagreed with her was a fool or a wet or both.

    I just couldn't read it. It was sickening.

    I have a friend who ploughed through it; then ploughed through Vol II, but when it came to Vol III, even he couldn't cope.

    He reckoned she'd already started to lose the plot by then.

    Frankly I think she lost it back in the early 80s, when she sent hundreds of Argentinian lads to their death in the Belgrano.