Sunday, April 28, 2013

phyllis nelson move closer


  1. Nice and soothing....

  2. Touching tribute to Maggie Thatcher there Niko. I'll play it next time I'm in the VIP Cocktail Bar at Gala Bingo!


  3. eventually I will get meself back on track but not yet its still too soon

    When we two parted
    In silence and tears,
    Half broken-hearted,
    To sever for years,
    Pale grew thy cheek and cold,
    Colder thy kiss;
    Truly that hour foretold
    Sorrow to this.

    The dew of the morning
    Sank chill on my brow—
    It felt like the warning
    Of what I feel now.
    Thy vows are all broken,
    And light is thy fame:
    I hear thy name spoken,
    And share in its shame.

    They name thee before me,
    A knell to mine ear;
    A shudder comes o'er me—
    Why wert thou so dear?
    They know not I knew thee,
    Who knew thee too well:—
    Long, long shall I rue thee
    Too deeply to tell.

    In secret we met—
    In silence I grieve
    That thy heart could forget,
    Thy spirit deceive.
    If I should meet thee
    After long years,
    How should I greet thee?—
    With silence and tears.

  4. Niko, my pal, get back on track soon. We all wish you well!