Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The life and times of Margaret Thatcher 
and everything she ruined...

                                               Which was a   lot

ps,,,, brownlie thought she were a great leader


  1. tris

    yeah he did defo i heard him


    'Margaret Thatcher dedicated her life to the service of her country'

    she didnt have a country she only had a class mostly
    in the south east of England the rest could feck off.

  2. niko,

    Just because I whispered into Mrs N.'s ear in the bar at the bingo that I like older women does not mean to say that I like all older women!

    Actually I neither wept nor rejoiced at the news of Thatcher's death - she did not matter anymore. I hope that in her final years she had time to reflect on and regret some, if not all, of her actions so that she will not be judged too harshly wherever she had gone.

  3. Niko,

    Meant to ask you - can we book your bar for our independence celebrations?

  4. Niko,

    Are you at the Labour conference or is it just empty seats I see? I did see Grahamski sitting on Eric's knee.

  5. Niko....NIKO.... where are you?