Wednesday, January 27, 2016

A Bunch Of Migrants

Cameron says
problem is he thinks  the same way
about most of the people within Great Britain .

a bunch of migrants

a bunch of migrants 
a bunch of migrants

And here is where Cameron sends a bunch of migrants

a bunch of migrants 

My old bette noir (see tris  froggy speak) Alex Salmond
sometime first minister spoke on LBC down the old  smoke
about this and on this Alex was RIGHT !


  1. Erm, quite so, Niko.

    Cameron belongs to a different species, and I'm proud that he and I are only distantly related (and not in a familial way). Salmond, although he might be a bit full of himself sometimes, is at least a human. Bête noire or not.

    We're all human. The world was made by nature (or God), and countries were made by man.

    I can't stand to see people suffering the way the people in Calais are. I see them as brothers. he sees them as a financial burden.

    I see him as ... well, I'm sure you can guess.

    Bravo, cher Niko. Bonne continuation avec tes études en francais!

  2. tris

    I say do not let economic migrants in but
    not the same as refugees and once in they should be treated the same as evety uk citisen.

    the problem is we have de facto two tier citisenship with those many deserving support
    from the uk community stigmatized and attacked every day by the torys and the right wing msm