Saturday, January 30, 2016

Adolf Eichmann and Iain Duncan Smith


Their similarities 

The banality of Evil

Giles Fraser 

Wrote this article which contained a
description of Eichmann and his justification for
the actions he carried out and why he believed 
was innocent  of any personal muderous intent. 
Just a mere functionary do his leaders bidding

 In her famous account of the trial, the philosopher Hannah Arendt described Eichmann as a small-minded functionary, more concerned with the managerial hows of his job than the moral or existential whys. According to Arendt, Eichmann wasn’t a man for asking difficult questions, he just got on with the job of managing timetables and calculating travel costs – thus her famous phrase “the banality of evil”.

 Irrespective of the accuracy of Arendt’s disputed portrait, the importance of her account was that it expanded our moral grammar of evil. She persuaded many that moral evil did not need to have all the central-casting Gothic intensity of a horror movie. Evil could be ponderous and bureaucratic. It could be the work of a desk-bound pen-pusher whose emotional range didn’t extend much towards hate and who didn’t particularly care for the sight of blood. But this estimation didn’t fit with what a lot of people wanted to find. Which is why some felt that Arendt was letting Eichmann off the hook.

Putting aside  Godwins theory can anyone deny this fits Iain
Duncan Smith like a glove . A man ? who can carry out the 
most evil deeds to his fellow citisens with no more thought 
than if they were a colony of ants.

A man who has caused and is causing the slow pain filled deaths
on many sick and vulnerable citisens  at the behest of
his party leader he will say no doubt,

In all honesty I do not imagine he gives one momentary thought 
to the evil of his handiwork


  1. This, this post, is your best yet.

  2. I couldn't do it to a colony of ants.

    I don't think that hiding behind Cameron will do him any good. That man is evil through and through.

    Not religious, but I believe that probably you get what you deserve in life... more or less.

    IDS is apparently a catholic.

    I'm sure the current pop wouldn't want much to do with him.

    If he were on fire I wouldn't piss on him; if he were not on fire, I probably would.

  3. Does Ian Duncan Smith work part-time as Prince Edward?