Monday, February 22, 2016

Blogging when  

                                                         not good

I blogged the other day on Voting
To the E.U in a calmer
mood and seeing the vilest
of the vile oozing out of the
political slime...on the no side
I have been pondering my hasty
response although am not
happy unlike some (tris)
about non-uk people
regardless of race religion etc     
or in fact any aspect which allows
RACIST to be hurled abusively at me. 
Taking jobs houses etc from OUR
people regardless of race religion etc.

So having thought deeply over this issue
would say the likelihood very is I will
vote for YES in the referendum...

one hopes this clarifies  my position 
HOPES .???

 To the horrid ones who cast aspersions
on my honor they know who they
are and so do i 


  1. It's not perfect, the EU, but without it; the Tories would run roughshod over what's left of our freedoms.

    1. Yes. I can't say I love it, but I'm mindful that one old Tory described is as 'socialism by the back door'.

      Seeing as the UK is unlikely to ever get socialism by the front door, I guess until we have an independent Scotland, we'll need to tolerate that.

      As you say Niko, the stuff that crawled from under a stone to side with Nigel is beneath contempt, but in fairness, if the UK votes yes, then we have anotehr vicotry for Cameron...

      He'll be able to claim he won the Vote sysytem referendum, the referendum on Scotland and the one on the EU...

      Not good either, and Osbo is the next PM.

    2. regardless of race, religion? Hmm, how does calling me a bastard because of my apparent lack of religion fit into your philosophy? Did Taz write this?

    3. Brownlie

      You have no religion or indeed a soul or even good manners tuff titty