Friday, February 19, 2016

God himself 
 condemns the snp
for betraying struggling Scots 
in order to garner votes from
wealthy Scots and wealthy English

Praise the Lord ! 

Leading churchman: 

(Another Scottish Hero )



Scottish Government are 

subsidising the rich with 

populist measures

(what dont you understand tris ?) 

ONE of Scotland's leading church men has accused Holyrood ministers of "subsidising the rich" over their handling of the financial crisis facing councils.
In a highly unusual and provocative move, the Free Church of Scotland Moderator Rev David Robertson condemned the ongoing freeze on council tax, accusing the Scottish Government of being responsible for "a denigration of local democracy

Obviously a tsunami of snp Nationalist hate will

now fall upon the brave patriotic Rev

one can hear the brick smashing through

his window now. we hope the local constabulary

have posted a guard on his home .

we  also hope they do not drive him and his

family out of Scotland like they did

to Danny Alexander  .


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    1. All together now:
      "Give me that old-time religion,
      give me that old-time religion..."

      The Rev is in the huff because the licentious SNP have not banned dancing inviting the wrath of the almighty.

      As for Danny Alexander, he has gone to a far, far better place where they are better together and where the Tories have prepared a place for him and Darling, with many mansions and fatted calfs!

  2. Niko: What I don;' understand is why people (including his holiness) don't understand that if councils want to put up council tax the Scottish government won't, indeed can't stop them.

    Some councils ARE putting it up.

    OK. Next problem?

    1. Danny Alexander. Off to China. With a Sirhood.

      I don't remember any of us forcing him to take a silly title or a great fat salary MILES beyond his worth. I'm sure they would have taken him back as a chair lift operator. And who knows. During his time in the Treasury, maybe Gidiot showed him how to fold towels or what to do with Coke.

      I know the Chinese were less than happy about having a dick like him thrust on them, but hey ho. Britain is special after all and they must be used to our morons.Cameron's been out there enough.

      I'm sure Mr Sir Alexander will fit in like a good citizen and learn mandarin. He'll be even more orange then! Gedit?

  3. Must object to the 'blasphemous' bit but the rest seems fair enough and I do like the 'yes' bit!

  4. tris

    The devil is in the snp detail as well you know but
    willfully distort ..

    Mair said ministers had presented the budget as being about council reform when it was actually “a cuts exercise”, and claimed the reduction was 2 per cent when it was 3.5.

    The threat of “draconian” financial penalties for raising council tax was also about the government demonstrating raw power, rather than doing the right thing.

  5. First time here at your blog and wanted to say i enjoyed reading this

  6. Aunt Val said my curtains would benefit from an intensive cleansing.