Wednesday, October 19, 2016

How to put Nicola Sturgeon
back in her cage

Super Majority to safeguard
the good people of Scotland

Call to impose 'super majority' on second independence referendum



THE former chair of the campaign that delivered the Scottish Parliament has said Westminster should impose a “super-majority” on the next independence referendum.
Nigel Smith said setting a threshold of 55 per cent for a successful Yes vote, for example, would show there was a national consensus for radical change better than a majority of 50 per cent plus one.

A brill Idea and one to guarantee the rights and freedom
of all the people and keep us safe from the one party state
the extremist nats are hell bent on creating in Scotland 


  1. Perhaps they should have thought of that for Brexit?

    In any case they tried that before remember, except the figure has gone up from 40% to 55% now. Still won't work.

  2. Yeah, impose a "super majority" cause f*** democracy.

    Lets just ban general elections while we're at it and have Tory rule forever.

    1. Mum collected unusual tea towels and her favourite was a set of six featuring Despots of Central Asia. This was before she died.

  3. Conan

    Yeah they should of and it will work well
    Against the snp anyway and that's the main thing


    Well the snp are torys look how they booted out
    the leftys at their love fest . you had to cross the road
    to hear any progressive policy's . The snp actually banned
    Anyone from the snp who dared attend .

    1. "The snp actually banned
      Anyone from the snp who dared attend."

      No they didn't, MPs and MSPs were asked not to attend, as why would they attend another party's sideshow? They are not Darling and the Tories.

  4. OK. Let's rerun the Brexit referendum and impose 55% on them...after all, we're all one big happy family this united kingdom, so whats good for the goose...huh?

  5. Marfaret and Hector had a roast goose last Xmas and they said it was great. I wood not be surprised ifvtget had won this year to.