Thursday, October 20, 2016

There will be no
Second Referendum
not know not ever

snp take note

meanwhile the Scottish parliament
being in recess the snp dictators

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Scottish independence: draft bill published on second referendum

Scottish government unveils draft legislation after Nicola Sturgeon promised new vote in event of hard Brexit

Theresa May to tell EU's other leaders 'there will be no second referendum' 



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  1. Replies
    1. Does he give Iris Robinson one?

  2. "SNP Dictators"? Strange I seem to remember multiple elections since the opening the Scottish Parliament, you must have slept through them, or is it that you only think democracy counts if your beloved Tory party is winning?

    Go live in North Korea and then you'll have a right to spout this drivel - you insult those who suffer under real dictatorships and have to risk their lives to fight for a multi-party democracy like ours with every poison word you write.

  3. Paisley was hardly one of the Internationale, Niko. He was a bigoted, narrow minded arsehole, whose rhetoric begat violence, and undoubtedly led to deaths.


  4. Yeah ! The nats go high I go low bah humbug !

  5. He really wasn't quite that nice, Jim.

  6. He really wasn't quite that nice, Jim.

  7. My sister-in-law Linda was a despot in her own livingroom.