Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Strike's  work! they have always worked
Cameron and  his shite heads and the shite
heads before him

Have created laws to stop working people
using one of the few ways to fight back
against tyrannical management.

ever since the Tolpuddle martyrs
the bosses have  sought to use any
means to stop the use of the Strike
by working men and women.

If as Cameron and his tossers lie striking
was so counter productive why have laws
to hobble its use and laws to prevent
others supporting their fellow workers.
Been forced onto the working people.

Every since working people joined
together to gain some freedom from
the enforced labour of the Capatalist

The bosses and there political lackeys
and placemen have attacked the use
of  the Strike.

The well organised strike works alway has always will.

I note Michael Gove has few words to say
on the strike 

<a href=" http://www.guardian.co.uk/politics/video/2011/jun/28/michael-gove-teachers-strike-video"> here</a>

If Gove was to come to Scotland to speak in defense of the 'Union'
i have to say the bloke is such a unmitigated useless spineless toadying
lying turd face wanker it would in my opinion be the best argument
for voting for Independence that i can possibly think of

A placard which  Gove could never hold high
cos he aint a 'MAN'


  1. ch

    hmm! thanks err!still should any one have Gove inflicted on them perhaps i should apologise

  2. This is a cabinet of stupid people unfit for the job (because that is what it is; it's not all this nonsense of "high office", it's a job, and none of them is up to it.

    However, of all of them, the house elf Gove has to be the stupidest.

    Is there a competition to see how many time he can say 'hard working families' in any one speech? Has it occurred to him that there will be a whole pile of lazy tossers in families who might be put out by it; or a whole pile of single parents who may be put out by it?

    It's sickening that he heaps false praise on the teachers of today while trying to reduce their pensions, and in doing so insults the teachers of a few years ago, including his own teachers, my teachers, your teachers.

    Who writes the nonsense this dick wit speaks?

    Somewhere, incidentally, there is a picture of a very young Michael Gove on a picket line. I must see if I can find it.

  3. That's the one CH. He looks even more of a tube there than he does today.