Wednesday, June 29, 2011

To the good people of Inverclyde

Tomorrow you have the opportunity
to stop the Nationalist bandwagon
Dead in its track.

And show the Nationalist Extremist
and their  seperationist agenda is
not one the people wish to follow.

Do not give your sovereignty
into the hands of the snp and
the Machiavellian First Minister
of Scotland,
Do your patriotic duty and vote
down Alex Salmond who is
the very Devil and has no
redeeming qualities whatsoever
(apart from being a good tipper on the gee gees)

he is a demon straight from hell
and in fact utterly and completely

Bad To The Bone   

in anticipation  I should like to thank the people of Inverclyde
for supporting the Scottish Labour candidate


  1. Its the year of tsunamis and many other upsets worldwide so buckle your seats and look to a new dawn and embrace Independence enthusiastically.

  2. Ha ha ha ...yes, voters of Inverclyde, elect the man who is in coalition with the Tories.

    I may have had my political differences with David Cairns, but at least the man was clever, polite and a good constituency MP. This bloke is....well, he's no David Cairns, that's for sure.

    The SNP candidate is an excellent candidate with a good record. If she doesn't win she should certainly reduce the Labour majority.

    We shall see...