Friday, July 1, 2011

The snp Bandwagon 
which didn't roll on
at Inverclyde

Alex Salmond went to Inverclyde for seven days
and on the seventh day the good voters of Inverclyde
cast him down........
Praise The Lord!


  1. Congratulations to you and the Labour party in Scotland. You held on to quite a section of your vote. You probably even gained some votes from the Liberals.

    It was always going to be an uphill struggle for the SNP following David Cairns in a rock solid Labour seat in a English parliament election. There is no doubt, but I would have expected us to do better.

    The twat SNP MSP who Tweeted about inoculations and passports must have cost us a good few votes. I hope someone has kicked his stupid second hand car salesman arse all the way to the English border and back and then done the same with his head, complete with its 25 years too young hairstyle.

    It's just a pity your man couldn't have been a little more gracious in victory. He proved himself to be boorish when there was no need to be. He could have redeemed himself a little for his appalling performances in debates, when he patronised up hill and down dale, by giving a more gracious speech. As it was he showed just what kind of an joker he is. Another Jim Devine.

  2. You can't stitch your todger back on Niko.


  3. Niko

    Lets look at this bandwagon.

    Did the SNP loss a seat? NO.
    Did Labour gain a seat? NO.
    Did Labour increase their majority? NO.
    Did the SNP increase their majority? YES.

    It really is a sign of how much the SNP now dominate Scottish politics that Labour holding their seventh safest seat in Scotland with a majority reduced by almost two thirds is a cause for celebration. How the once mighty have fallen, but there is further to fall yet Niko. How low can Labour go? Tune in to the council elections in 2012 and find out.

    In the meantime back in the real world, where are Labour at Holyrood? a very distant second. Where are Labour at Westminster? A very distant second. It will be a long five years watching the big boys rule at Holyrood.

    However enjoy Inverclyde it will be a long time before you enjoy anything else.

  4. Dubs

    Yeah1 well I'll enjoy the snp losing anu referendum I it actually happens that is
    The Scots dont mind the snp running a toon
    council but the real stuff well thats a different matter

  5. Interestingly the Labour problem seems to be a mixture of things;

    a) low turnout from their key geographical areas
    b) an ageing demographic of support
    c) nepotism undermining credibility

    Until they can sort these things out, the fact remains that in a Westminster context (with every advantage) Labour lost over half of their GE majority. Not good, but hardly a disaster.

  6. Niko

    Its interesting that Labour now realise that they will never again be in power at Holyrood.

    Now that they are on the outside looking at all the big boys making the Scottish decisions they can only carp about it being a toon council.

    But Niko we will be in full control of the toon councils as well after May 2012.

    I looked at some figures from the May election, if it had been run on a Westminster basis i.e. first past the post we would have got 92 of the 129 seats, sorry I do not know the Labour figure I was too busy laughing.

    Labour said the following,

    There will never be an SNP government.
    A minority SNP government will collapse in months.
    There will never be a majority SNP government.

    Guess what ones Labour got wrong, roll on the referendum, which will be held when the big boys want to hold it. The wee minority parties have to sit and watch.